RetainingWalls In Monongahela, Finleyville and Peters Township

Many people around the nation are waiting for spring. There is a high number of reported cabin fevers this year. With spring, comes lawn care.

To save yourself aggravation and time you will need to perform some of the following tips. Not everyone will have to perform every tip. When starting to take care of the lawn, these tips are based on the common issues in the spring time. Performing these tips depends on what you did in the fall, what kind of weather and the lawn.

Let’s get started with the first tip!

Tip # 1 Spring Lawn Care – Raking

Raking will get the leaves that have blown in from the street, the park or the neighbors since the lawn was last raked in the fall. Second, doing a deep rake will help to dethatch the lawn.

firm will talk to you about your lawn and how to maintain it.

Raking will also let you observe every part of the lawn. As the lawn is being raked it should be checked for matted patches, this can be a sign of snow mold. The raking should break apart the matted patches and the snow mold should no longer be a problem.

This raking should be done before the lilac bushes start to bloom and after the snow is gone.

Tip # 2 Spring Lawn Care – Check for Soil Compaction

A tell-tale sign of soil compaction is the growth of moss. To rid the soil of compaction, aerate the soil. The suggestion by most experts is to have the soil aerated during the fall.

This is a simple process that can be completed with a rented aerator or by your professional lawn care expert.

Tip # 3 Spring Lawn Care – More Liming?

Moss can also be a tale tell sign of acidic soil. To reduce the soil pH to a neutral pH lime is used. Liming to reduce the pH is slow process.

The question is how much lime is needed. The only good answer is to have the county or university extension office sample the soil. They will produce a report saying how much lime is needed.

Applying lime is to fix a problem only. It is not a “in case” measure.

These are some tips to get the spring lawn care up and running without hassles.


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